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French Document Translation Services

Are you an individual or a company looking to have documents translated from or into French. CertifiedTranslate provides accurate, quick and professional French to English and English to French translations. CertifiedTranslate makes the kind of quality translation projects that would normally be considered expensive custom jobs attainable and affordable.

All of our French translators are native French speakers who have been certified by agencies such as the American Translators Association (ATA). We will match your translation project to the perfect certified translator with the proper experience, cultural sensibility and expertise.

Whether for your corporation, small business, or to attain a personal goal, we know how important it is to have your French to English and English to French documents translated quickly and accurately. We also know that translation services can be pricey, time-consuming and filled with surprise costs. At CertifiedTranslate, we aim for clarity in every part of the business - not only in the translations but also in pricing and delivery.

That’s why we designed CertifiedTranslate to be fast and accurate, with clear flat-rate pricing for many of our service categories. Most importantly, we follow the requirements for business and education document translation and are extremely experienced in dealing with U.S. immigration translation regulations. That’s why we can guarantee your French to English document will be acceptable for submission to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Add to this an innovative web site that lets you upload and download documents, clear and flat-rate pricing and our network of native French language translators who are assigned jobs based on experience and expertise, CertifedTranslate is the clear choice when you need fast and accurate document translation.

Our specializations include:

French Legal Translations
French Immigration Translations
French Educational Translations
French Medical & Healthcare Translations
French Website Translation & Localization
French Technical Translations
French Financial Translations
French Marketing & Advertising Translations

The French Language

French, a Romance language (in addition to being considered a romantic language) is spoken by about 136 million people worldwide as their first language. Another 364 million speak it as either a second or foreign language making the total number of native speakers about 500 million. Additionally, some 200 million people learn French as a foreign language. French speakers boast communities in 56 countries and territories. Native French speakers primarily live in France, followed by the Canada where French is one of the two official languages. French communities are also prominent in Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, and, in the United States, in the state of Louisiana. Francophone Africa accounts for most second-language speakers of French, perhaps in numbers that exceed the number of native speakers worldwide. (information


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Member of the American Translators Association - The ATA.

A member of the American Translators Association.

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